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iPad Referral Program

Gemini Solutions offers a referral bonus to individuals for helping us make placements: If you refer us a candidate who we end up placing, we will give you an iPad.

If you refer multiple people and we place more than one, you will receive more than one iPad, so please feel free to refer as many people as you can. In fact, use the tool on the right to upload a list of people and they will all be considered your referrals if they’re not already in our system.

Please read the following messages from others who have received an iPad from Gemini Solutions:

  • John found the right person for my business – and the right opportunity for my cousin to truly advance her career. The iPad is a cool bonus but foremost is finding a business partner you trust with both your professional and personal reputation.

    laura | Private Investment Firm
  • Thanks for the iPad Gemini! And congrats again on your new job Steph!

    tamara | Fortune 200 Manufacturing
  • I referred my friend from college to Gemini which was a real win/win. He found a great job and I walked away with a new iPad.

    Travis | Fortune 500 Company
  • I gave Jim my friend's name and a month later had an iPad delivered to me. It was sweet. My friend is happier and I'm loving my new iPad.

    Conner | Analyst in Investment Firm
  • I'd like to thank the team at Gemini Solutions for two things: the first for sending me an iPad and the second for placing my friend in a position they still hold today. Thanks guys!

    Tom | Big 4 public accountant
  • Thanks for the iPad! I referred my coworker from Deloitte and when John placed him, I got an iPad just for helping a friend. I referred two others recently and I'm hoping for another iPad for my husband!

    Kristin | Deloitte & Touche

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