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How to sell yourself in an interview

Learn as much as possible about the position, the company, and the interviewers themselves. The more detailed information you have about the company and the position, the better prepared and more interested you look. Visit the company’s website and be sure to get the job description from your recruiter. Also, Gemini Solutions has access to financial and other valuable company information from Dun and Bradstreet, Reuters, Harris InfoSource, LexisNexis, etc.

Employers want someone who wants to work for them. Demonstrate this by:

  1. PREPARING QUESTIONS. No matter how thorough the employer is in the interview, you must ask questions. This demonstrates interest and thinking ability.
  2. ASKING, “WHAT IS THE NEXT STEP?” Tell the employer you were intrigued prior to the interview and are now even more.
  3. EMPHASIZING AREAS OF YOUR BACKGROUND. Think of specific examples that demonstrate this. Sell yourself and your abilities through play back.
  4. ASK FOR ANOTHER INTERVIEW. Accountants are typically not the most assertive interviewers; differentiate yourself by asking to be a part of the next round.
  5. THANK YOU NOTES. Do not forget to send a thank you note to everyone you meet during an interview. Get a business card from each person, then send a separate email message to all of them. Job decisions can be made quickly, so email can be a more timely way to let them know you appreciate their time and want to move forward in the process.
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